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21 days of tips for Lodger LandlordsThe site with guidance and services for people renting a room in their home to a lodger!

If you are new to renting rooms to lodgers, you may want to read our 21 days of tips for Lodger Landlords.  The other section of the site (our documents shop) can be found from the links above.

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Note that due to pressure of work I have discontinued the advice service and have not entered any new posts for a while.  However, this area of law does not change and most of the posts below are as valid as they were the day they were written.

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“What a fantastic web site your Lodger Landlord site is. I have learnt so much more from this one web site than many hours of Googling.” Jim Hitch

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Lodger Landlords now need to carry out right to rent checks or risk a penalty

Right to Rent checks for Lodgers

Lodger Landlords now need to carry out right to rent checks or risk a penalty charge. However you can now get a right to rent checklist from my Your Law Store site to help you.

Rent a room allowance increased to £7,500

Good news

There is good news for lodger landlords in the July 2015 budget as the Chancellor has announced that the ‘rent a room’ tax allowance is to be increased from £4,250 to £7,500. This is long overdue and indeed Spareroom.co.uk have been campaigning for this for years. It is believed that this will be with effect…

A new Monday to Friday lodger agreement

Monday to Friday

Lodgers don’t aways stay all week. Some lodger like to go back home at the weekends. This is good for them, as they pay a bit less, and good for the landlord, who gets the use of the room back at the weekends.  Sometimes for their guests, sometimes to use for things like drying clothes,…

New lodger packs now on sale in the shop

Why not give them a try?

Are you about to look for a new lodger? If so, you may be interested in our New Lodger pack. The forms pack includes : a telephone enquiry form a lodger information / application form a set of letters you can use when requesting references (including employer, bank etc) our housing benefit letter of authority…

A change to the Lodger Landlord shop

Your Law Store If you click the shop link in the navigation bar below you will find a difference.  It will take you to a completely new site!  This is the new Your Law Store ecommerce site I have set up with my long term web designer Gill Bishop. This is an exciting new venture….

Dealing with lodgers possessions that they leave behind

Make a list of everything left behind

After your lodger has gone Your lodger has left, but she seems to have left half of her belongings behind.  Or you may have evicted your lodger and be wondering what to do with all their things. The first thing to remember is that they do not belong to you.  They belong to the lodger. …

I think my lodgers an alien!

Your Lodger?

The Doctor is a lodger It will not have escaped the Whovians among you that the Doctor recently served a spell as a lodger.  But could your lodger be the timelord?  Consider the following: Did he turn up out of the blue, before your card had gone into the Post Office window? Did he appear…

When can you use an injunction?

They are unlikley to get an injunction against her

We want an injunction please! Many years ago when I was a trainee, my principal and I saw some new clients, a middle aged man and his wife. His new wife as it turned out. “We want to get an injunction against my daughter” he began, his wife nodding in the background, all blonde curls…

Should you provide meals for your lodgers?

It is generally worth providing breakfast for your lodgers

Lodgers meals – my experience When I started taking in lodgers, they were mostly foreign students on short English courses at my local university. Part of the deal was that I would provide them with meals and talk to them over dinner. Talking in English with a ‘family’ was an important part of their experience….

Remembering your lodgers with a guest book

Get your lodgers to sign your visitors book before they go

Lodgers are generally nice .. I have written quite a bit here about problem lodgers, eviction and the like, as these are things which worry people, and which have therefore been popular topics on the blog. However it is important to remember that most lodgers are lovely. I had six years of taking in lodgers,…

The 21 days of tips

What is a lodger? “Thats a silly question” you will probably say, “Everyone knows [more]

Getting permission for a lodger Before you start clearing out the spare room and buying furniture (d[more]

Insurance matters Many people don’t realise that taking in a lodger will affect their insuranc[more]

The condition of your property ‘Proper landlords’, i.e. landlords of separate properties[more]

Gas Safety Gas safety is *really* important. People have died from poorly maintained gas appliances.[more]

Furniture and furnishings – legal obligations So far as legal matters are concerned, the most [more]

HMO issues There are three things you need to know: Whether your property is already an HMO, or Whet[more]

Tax One of the nice things about taking in a lodger is that you can earn up to £4,250 tax free unde[more]

After all the preparation, we are now finally at the stage where we can start looking for our lodger[more]

This section deals with the practical aspect of advertising for and finding a lodger. However first,[more]

The interview This is an important part of the selection process. However, remember that prospective[more]

Making a decision After the interviews (discussed on Day 11) comes the decision! It is important to [more]

Rent Todays topic is in many ways the most important, as for most people the main reason they are re[more]

When you decide to take in a lodger, you need to keep very much in mind that this is a financial bus[more]

Taking in a lodger is not the same as taking in a tenant, and a formal lodger agreement is less esse[more]

Inventories and deposits tend to go together. Again, these are things that not all lodger landlords [more]

Documents and record keeping Although not yet as bad as tenancies, there can still be quite a lot of[more]

Making friends Every lodger / landlord relationship is different, as all people are different. Howev[more]

In most cases your lodger experience will be a positive one. However sadly, this is not always the c[more]

Although hopefully this will never happen to you, very occasionally lodger landlords will need to ev[more]

Our last few tips have looked a problem lodger situations, but of course this is not the norm.  Mos[more]

Well the 21 days of tips has now concluded.  If you are a lodger landlord, I hope you have enjoyed [more]

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