A new Monday to Friday lodger agreement

Monday to FridayLodgers don’t aways stay all week. Some lodger like to go back home at the weekends.

This is good for them, as they pay a bit less, and good for the landlord, who gets the use of the room back at the weekends.  Sometimes for their guests, sometimes to use for things like drying clothes, or sometimes they just like to have their house back to themselves for a few days.

As with all lodger situations, it is a good idea to have a lodger agreement signed up.  However there are not many lodger agreements drafted specifically with the Monday to Friday situation in mind.  I know when I went looking I could not find one.

So when one of our customers suggested that we provide one it seemed a really good idea.

Although the agreement is referred to as a Monday to Friday one, it can actually be used for any periods.  So if you lodger is going to stay Wednesday to Monday, or even Friday to Sunday, this is not a problem.  You just put the relevant days in the space on the form.  Making it very flexible.

Like all our lodger forms it comes with extensive guidance notes telling you how to complete the form and explaining the clauses.  Plus there is a generous area at the end where you can put in your own clauses or ‘house rules’.

The agreement is priced the same as our other lodger agreement at £12.  However if you buy it before 9 November you can get a £3 discount (and buy for £9) if you input the voucher code LLBlogMonFri.  You can get it >> here (you will need to scroll down the page a bit)

By the way, if you want to find a Monday to Friday lodger, a good place is the Monday to Friday website.

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